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Istria croazia

😍😍 "Laugh, live, dance and be happy .."
Welcome young and old to the Sanghita Garden near from Casa Kalandra in Istria 7 km from Rovinj and 1 km from the sea in the Cisterna Palu area.
Immersed in nature, the Sanghita Garden is wonderful to come into contact with yourself with:

- laughter yoga sessions
- shamanic tantric yoga
- forest bath
- joyful tantric dances
- soundbath with therapeutic instuments
to let yourself flow into the vibration of sound and savor the beauty and pleasure of being.

The practices will take place in the morning for a duration of 2 hours and in the evening at sunset, in Italian and English.

The rest of the day is dedicated to relaxation in freedom, sea and walks or excursions within the magical Istrian land.

Meals (included):

- Vegetarian or vegan MEALS will be prepared in collaboration by the group. Simple but tasty organic food, our garden offers the flavors of Mother Earth. We will learn to ritualize the moment of the meal in the conscious union of the spirit, of the sacred, which impregnates natural food with our spirit, body, soul. With gratitude. Health of the body promotes health of the mind.


Accommodation (included):

- I offer 4 beds in a small stone house,
- More places in a
yurt, a Mongolian tent, that also is for activities in an internal space in case of bad weather. 
- A confortable tend for 3.
- The kitchen is external and equipped, to prepare meals for those who wish, independently.
- Outdoor summer showers and one is heated.
- Toilet.
- Groups of up to 10 people.
The accommodation is simple and suitable for those who want to break the mold, even those related to daily comforts.
Living in close contact with Mother Nature, in simplicity and essentiality, allows you to break the mental patterns and automatisms of everyday life, awaken the senses and the deep feeling linked to a greater body consciousness, in harmony with the outer space. Activates vital energy and helps heal from psychophysical ailments. It opens the heart to give itself with faith and love.

Not included:

- Travel by car to Istria- it is also possible to share a car
- Lunches, which can be prepared independently
- On request Additional individual massage with Tibetan bells one hour € 50
- Upon request additional individual Tantric Touch Yoga Massage 1 hour and a half with perfumed Oil 80€
- Dinner in a Agriturismo

The courses are held in Italian, German and English.

Dates 3 til 8 septemper 2024!

It is possible to extend the holiday with accommodation only.

For 6 days / 5 nights per person food and lodging and sessions 650 €

Sanghita Garden near by Casa Kalandra in Istria 7 km from Rovigno and 1 km from the sea in the Cisterna Palu area.

Info and registration:
Anna +39 339 4662753 o Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
Valeria +385 95 357 4095 - Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! - whatsapp ‭+39 338 1171635‬

Il giardino di Sanghita info https://www.facebook.com/ilgiardinodisanghita

With joy, faith and love
For a land and a heart

Valeria Sanghita and Anna Matteazzi - AnKlang


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